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Pocket Chef? Yes, please.

How I avoid meal prepping and still eat clean and healthy.

by Olga Rosales Salinas

Do you ever watch those fitness videos on social media where the extra slim (and somehow also tall) mom prepares three weeks’ worth of food into fifteen containers onto her counter, then looks up at the camera to suggest, “What? You don’t do this?” Ah, the joys of social media.

Don’t get me wrong. I am health-conscious, and I count macros most days out of the week. I eat clean, most days out of the week. Guess who doesn’t? My toddlers. Guess who doesn’t want to care about portion control? My husband. Does this mean that I make separate meals every night for my family? No. I am not superhuman. I am also not obsessed with meal prepping. Most people meal prep on Sunday nights, and to me, Sunday nights feel like the last opportunity that I’ll get to relax before the week starts. The last thing I want to do is make sure that I have seven Tupperware containers with matching lids.

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Read full article here.


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