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Thank You To Our Sponsors

These businesses and partnerships have helped us raise $50k since 2019.

Please consider supporting this business! They donated their time, effort, and social media pages to help first-generation or immigrant students get to college.

Chuy Gomez, Bay Area Legend and Host of our Gala

Cosme Hunt, J-Beauty 

Jumble & Flow, Own your jumbles, find your flow

Jaime Sanchez Presents, Visual Artists

Maceo Montoya, Writer and Visual Artist

Jay Bee Presents, DJ

Bianca Buresh, Personal Trainer

My Strawberry Lady, Patti Rocha, Community Organizer and Activist

Cosas A Mi Gusto, SueHeidi Rosales-Powell

Hot Yoga Republic, Yoga Studio in Fairfax, CA

Meat & Fire BBQ, visit us on the 'gram

Buggsy Malone Photography

Nakawe Soap, 

Skin Care Service, Rediscover the Power of Plants

David Perez, Writer & Poet

Isalis, New and Delightful Things

Gorilla Boxing, Coach Vinny

Master of Thought, Coash Arc

In The Mix, Bakery

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