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Resiliency in 2020, An Interview with Sylvia Del Valle, "La Bronca"

When radio stations need to make a big change to their programming, they introduce themselves to their new market by doing something called “stunting.” It usually lasts one to two days and it’s always something that will get your attention.

I met Sylvia, or La Bronca, when the radio station where I worked was on its second day of stunting—a laugh track had been playing nonstop for nearly two days. La Bronca walked into the station wearing a leopard print leotard with five-inch Louboutin's and carrying a huge duffle bag of the same brand. I don’t know if it was her outfit, the thirty-six straight hours of laugh track, or the huge smile, abrazo y beso, that she gave me when we met, but I knew we’d be fast friends. Seventeen years later, we’ve seen each other move into new careers, mom-life, wife-life, and now through this pandemic.

Read the full interview at Jumble & Flow!


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