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How to Start A Non-Profit

*From a group who is just starting out.

*In the pink, Olga Rosales Salinas, (from top-left) Adriana Rosales, Nancy Rosales, Veronica Rosales and Christie Rosales. Not picture, Elizabeth Rosales.

When my sisters and I set out to start a non-profit, we asked ourselves hard questions like; what kind of impact do we want to make? Why do we want to make it? What will we need to get it done? And finally, where can we do the most good?

These questions are important because the answers can either push you forward, make you change course, or stop you all together. While my sisters and I are in the beginning stages of starting a non-profit, what we’ve learned so far has been monumental. I’ve put together a list of the 5 key things that I think might help. I’m assuming that you clicked on this link because you are non-profit-curious. My hope is that your road is easier, wider, and even more ambitious than ours.

Read the full article here, on the San Francisco Bay Area Moms Collective.


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