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5 Rules to Keep Your Home Organized During Quarantine

There are two types of homes run by two types of people. The first home is run by a Type-A-germaphobe who worries more about the logistics of loading a dishwasher than they do about the global pandemic we are all in. The second type of home is run by a person who is just trying to adjust to a new normal, where schedules are upside down and each room and living space is suddenly being used 24 hours a day. This article is for the second type of home being run by the second type of person.

As a SAHM, I have kept these 5 simple rules that I’ve followed for years and have been able to carry into COVID-19. Guess what? They’re still working. They work because in a world of chaos every SAHM knows this simple truth, appreciate the small things within your control. These five things are within your control.

Follow this link for the full article at Cosme Hunt.

Happy organizing!


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